Normal concerns can get in the way of addressing joint pain

If you're concerned about having surgery during a pandemic, you're not alone

For many, exposure to illness is at the top of the list, and the COVID-19 pandemic only has intensified these concerns.

You may have had questions about joint replacement before COVID-19, but now, you may feel overwhelmed. The thought of discussing a joint replacement surgery with your doctor right now might feel a little intimidating,

But it is important to not let the pain gain on you.

Healthcare professionals, hospitals, and private clinics continually focus on patient safety. So if you are concerned, try to ask your doctor about what’s being done to protect patients.

Fear may keep you on a painful track

Find out how you can best prepare for recovery. Talk to your surgeon about your fears. 

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These articles discuss common questions and concerns about moving forward with joint replacement surgery. They can inform and reassure, and help you get more out of conversations with your orthopedic surgeon.

Results and postoperative ability and activity level will vary based on weight, pre-operative health condition, and other factors. Talk to your surgeon about the risks of joint replacement, such as continued pain and immobility, and whether surgery is right for you.

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